• I performed under Arthur Fiedler. That is, I performed under the direction of Arthur Fiedler at Tanglewood in a 21-piano tribute to Chopin.
  • My peers nominated me three times for Las Vegas Comedienne of the Year, and I won once.
  • I was nominated for the Best-Selling Comedy Recording Artist by N.A.R.M., which is like marmalade with prestige.
  • Of my eleven comedy albums, seven went gold. And that was back when raunchy and radio didn't mix. Today, they could make lullabies from my lyrics.
  • The hit "Knockers Up!" gave birth to a devoted cult of over a million Knockers Up Club fans. They're my only offspring. Turned out I wasn't a breeder, and my boobs didn't grow 'til I hit menopause. So, there's hope for all you Nanny-No-Knockers out there!


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