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The Official "Knockers Up!" Drink Recipe

No party is complete without the "Knockers Up!" drink. This is Rusty Warren’s favorite drink when she is relaxing or throwing one of her lavish parties.

She invented the drink while attending an Opening Night party for the show, “Legends,” in Dallas, Texas at the famous nightclub, “By the Ounce.” Ms. Warren was seated at the head table and sipping her Knockers Up! Next to Ms. Warren was Ms. Carol Channing sipping her favorite health beverage from a silver flask, Mary Martin, Larry Hagman, and that gorgeous male dancer from the show, and Liz Rizzo, writer of the column "Ask Buddy The Dog," were dancing and drinking into the wee hours of the morning. 

Ms. Warren and Rizzo were sitting at the bar, looking at all the fancy liquor bottles when Ms. Warren exclaimed there ought to be a drink suitable to be named after the famous Knockers Up! march. So, with a little help from a willing bartender and the willingness of Rizzo to test out some drink mixtures, the "Knockers Up!" was born.

This is a cool, refreshing drink that will be certain to help you get your knockers up in high fashion!

Serve this drink in a tall glass. 
Fill the glass with ice ... preferably cubes the size of 10 carat diamonds!

  • Add 1 shot vodka.

  • ˝ ounce maraschino cherry juice.

  • Fill glass half-way with sparkling water, the bubbles are important for effect!

  • Add POM Wonderful® 100% Pomegranate Juice to the top of the glass.

  • Garnish with two cherries on a toothpick (like boobies!)

Enjoy, and don’t forget to keep your knockers up! Drink recipe originally featured in Daeida Magazine, June, 2008.

Knockers Up! Cocktail

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