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Three Generations of Rusty Warren Fans

Hello Rusty,

I bought several of your wonderful CDs last year and decided to give my mother and grandmother a laugh.

So one day when we met for lunch, I had your song “Bounce Your Boobies” set to go in my car stereo.
I hit the PLAY button as we were driving to the restaurant, and got an unexpected response:

Gram: Oh, my God, where did you get that? It’s Rusty Warren!

Mom (laughing hysterically): I haven’t heard that in years!

Gram: Where did YOU hear it?

Mom: I heard you, Aunt Joyce and Aunt Gail laughing in the kitchen, so I sneaked up to the door to hear what all the hilarity was about.

Gram: You mean you heard all that?

Mom: Yes. It was so funny!

Gram: Your father was supposed to be watching you. Where was he?

Mom: Asleep, in front of the television.

Gram: Grrrrr…

Honestly, Rusty, I was laughing so hard through all of this it’s a miracle we made it to the restaurant in once piece!

It made for an interesting lunch, and now you have three generations of fans who love you.

Yours sincerely,

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